Product Descriptions

You’ve got an incredible product. It’s better than the wheel. Unique product copy can communicate a need, bridge the tactile experience and create a personality.
The Content Folk scribe product descriptions designed to establish trust and persuade. Descriptions that connect can transform e-commerce, going beyond stale manufacturers’ specs to effect conversion rates.

Package Particulars

This package is ideal for answering the virtual ‘what’s that?’ For original, accurate, interest-snagging product paragraphs online.

  • Manufacturers specifications and image are required

  • SEO optimised

  • Proofreading. Because there’s nothing worse than going live with your zipper undone.

Why us?

Your business has a personality, a story, energy and breadth. Our team are experts in representing and filling-out online personas with considered and individualized content. Impressions are made of heart and intellect and that’s the alchemy of our effectiveness.

I want to explain my thingamajig.