Design is problem solving – translating your vision from concept to reality. In the digital space, people connect visually and in the absence of a tangible experience, design appeals to the only sense at your disposal.

The Content Folk bring both strategic and creative heads to the design space. Our unique experience and combination means we provide unique, solutions that snag and spur.

Graphic Design

Experienced in multiple environments, we produce advertising, branding, all kinds of print publications, digital design/production, digital publications and social media. We’ve worked with alpha and growing brands, startups and your Mum.
Simplicity is supreme and a must in moving past paint-by-number design.

With strong passion and commitment to delivering quality communication, we rely on our gluttonous sense of aesthetic in making good design decisions.

Visual content is a value-add, it’s your footprint in your audience’s life. Design is the mainspring of quality user experience – make it meaningful and relevant and it will cut through.


We’ve all spent a lifetime becoming – pushing and pulling our way to ourselves. Being a business entity is no different. You face the same noise, same traffic, same competition and the same comparisons.

The Content Folk build strong www.whoareyou’s by creating a content strategy anchored in cultivating brands.

We believe content curation is essentially a form of branding where the objective is to reinforce your values through intentional, intelligent and interesting content material. Act in ways that make you a respected online contributor.

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