About us

The Content Folk is a collection of wily, feisty, curious humans with extensive ink-stained histories. We know your business has a personality, a story, energy and breadth. Our team are experts in building and representing online personas with considered and individualised content. Impressions are made of heart and intellect and that’s the alchemy of our effectiveness.

The Content Folk are excited by the authentic, tailored and direct space that content can carve out. We combine our know-how to create contextual content with charisma. Holistic, long-term vision and an understanding of how content fits into your broader digital strategy is what determines our differential.

Quality content can mean the difference between a one-click stand and a long-term relationship.

Meet some of our folk

Nicole Kersh

After 10 years at the tiller of 4Cabling, Nix revolutionised an industry. Now un-cabled, she’s looking for challenges to engage in knowledge sharing and innovation.

Content That’s Not Just For Content’s Sake.

At 4Cabling, Nix cut through a stale industry, engaging an emerging demographic by realizing the value of relevant, creative and captivating content.

Content Is The Next Logical Step In SEO And Engagement.

We folk believe content needs to be approached with a wide lens to work in synergy with your broader digital strategy.

Gaby Brown

If you’ve ever switched on the TV or tuned your radio the chances are you’ve probably heard Gaby’s voice. With many strings to her bow, Gaby is an accomplished copywriter, voice over artist as well as a seasoned radio presenter. Her warm, intelligent style and sense of humour lends itself to engaging, humanised storytelling.

Content For A Human Audience

Having cut her teeth as a radio broadcaster, Gaby really knows how to talk to an audience; and they listen….

Natalie Macken

Having professionally curated her imagination over 17 years, Nat’s a seasoned and passionate creator of voice. With a BA Communications, AWARD School and a Masters in Psychotherapy, it’s an eccentric enough combination to understand creativity from both creation and consumption.

Evolving Storytelling Beyond Commonplace.

Having eaten the old chestnut for lunch, Nat tames her curiosity and resourcefulness to provide uninhibited creative solutions.

Words That Fill Up Space Are Just Noise.

We folk practice quality and scope of thinking across all stages of the creative process; innovation, development and actualisation.

Kris Macken

With more than 20 years industry experience, Kris has managed campaigns of all shapes and sizes. He’s worked across national campaign rollouts and produced content for Singapore Airlines, Fisherman’s Friend, Tropfest and Rebel Sports. Combining his backgrounds in music and economics, Kris is the perfect blend between creative and logic.

Avoiding Content Landfill

Kris’ skill is in combining skill. We’re not just writers, we’re not just digital, we’re the grey in between.

“Measure Twice, Cut Once.”

We folk believe that smart strategy is the action between idea and outcome, dictating design, content and creative.

Annisa Dharma

Annisa writes, designs, and moves around, a lot.

She integrates her multidisciplinary craft with her multicultural insight to glean a cohesive, contextual awareness that comes in pretty handy for a communications professional.

Having worked in journalism, visual design, publishing, and film and digital production in Australia and abroad; Annisa straddles the sweet spot between creative and strategy like it’s nobody’s business.