Marketing tips that to turn your clicks into conversions as well as make you look good in double denim, have one less chin and become a millionaire.

There they are, dangling their paper-tiger promises like practiced politicians. We’ve all swallowed our fair share of clickbait and have been left with that empty duped and disconnected feeling. These ubiquitous cheap-tricks swim around on the www’s, crediting their audience with as much acumen as an aardvark.

The moment after you’ve taken the bait and skimmed the qualifying info – you’re left feeling like you’ve just bought a dud car and have been stranded on the M5 in your novelty unicorn undies.

While you’ve technically become another ‘click’ on the counter, another minion in the metrics, this mechanism can result in serious damage to your brand. Put the situation on the ground: you’re basically lying and manipulating your friends and that’s not going to win you any coffee buddies.

So what’s the antidote to insincerity?


It’s easy, don’t put your ‘totes’ shoes on if you don’t have your LOL license. Don’t get your ‘Ponds Institute’ on and ‘play’ the expert if you don’t own a lab coat. Don’t cry empty and earnest crocodile tears and don’t put on the ritz for a cake of soap. Just be real, relevant, original and honest. Your audience are smart; they can spot a pile of crap on a cow-less planet.

Making false promises or claims you can’t support will render your brand a hollow hoodwinker. Even if you lose a couple of clicks along the way, the value of demonstrative, honest communication is what makes the difference between a one-click stand and a long-term relationship.

This article probably hasn’t changed your life but you know where we stand. Instead of casting your brand off as clickbait, hook your identity to a smart and lovely line connected to a great story.