Writing for Websites

You’re not content with your content. For whatever reason, your copy is fraught with mediocre, you’re pen-shy, you’re suffering from bullet-pointitis or you’re simply too close to the subject matter.

The Content Folk combine your existing ingredients to bring the strength of your identity to the front. We create actionable copy and build in your innovation to increase conversion and retention.

This is ideal for websites with an identity crisis, in need of a consistent and relevant persona. Help in communicating you and your work in a loud land.

Package Particulars

This package is ideal for websites without words – you could be launching a new website, microsite, landing page, a rebrand or a startup.

  • An intake/mid-job call via phone/Skype to get a clear picture of your walk of life and gain an intention from which to write (Up to 2 hrs).

  • A question sheet where we get curious and creative about details.

  • An exploration into your craft, competitors and context.

  • Fresh, considered and individualised content for your front door pages.

  • Microcopy such as button and link text.

  • Distinct calls to action for your site, crafted beyond cliché.

  • Two lots of amendments within 10 days of receiving the first draft.

  • Proofreading. Because there’s nothing worse than going live with your zipper undone.

  • Search Engine Optimisation. Captivating SEO-friendly copy with a special focus on titles, meta descriptions and formatting.

Why us?

Your business has a personality, a story, energy and breadth. Our team are experts in representing and filling-out online personas with considered and individualized content. Impressions are made of heart and intellect and that’s the alchemy of our effectiveness.

I want to give my website words.