We’re wily, curious content writers with extensive, ink-stained histories who inhale your personality, energy and breadth and exhale your story.

Our Ethos

You have to participate in the world

to notice the story-sized hole in it.

We don't publish turds.

Be brave; toning down eccentricity

is better than dressing up dull.

Without stories

we're just another selfie.

We enshrined the cat

that curiosity killed.

We focus on distinction

through possibility.

Be out there

in being out there.

A great story feels like honey when you tell it

and home when you hear it.

Pause for thought is

our currency.

Pause for thought is

our currency.

Bullshit smells like chicken.

We ate the old chestnut for lunch.

We've got the gumption

without the ego.