Since dinosaur’s roamed the earth with their strange shaped bodies and questionable temperaments, calls to action have resounded across the buying-sphere.

Terradactyls had it easy in spurring action; the primal screech of ‘move or die’ is a pretty convincing motivation. Fast-forward a couple of aeons and calls to action have been honed into subtle bites of persuasion.

Here are our top ten tips for crafting your dinosaur bellow:

Know your dinosaur

What is it that floats your D’saur’s boat? Do they dig greens or flesh? What are their needs? You don’t want to go selling a long sleeve top to a T-Rex. Your best bet is to focus on a problem D’saur’s been grappling with and then present your brand as the fix it. Create a rationale for them to take your lead.

Direct and drive your dinosaur

When communicating with your D’saur, would you say timidly – ‘please take your gigantic hoof-thing away from my delicate tootsie,’ or rather, ‘get off my foot!?’ Clear language should speak your desired action. Your D’saur will respond to actionable words – something that asks them to do something like ‘get started,’ or ‘enter now.’

Don’t leave your dinosaur hanging

There’s nothing worse than hanging out with your D’saur buddies and the T-Rex goes for a high-five, only to have that jerk Stegosaur leave him high and dry. If you ask your D’saur to call, leave a number and make it local or toll-free. Also – leave it at ‘gimme five’ – don’t do the ‘on the side… down low’ bit – don’t be that guy. One action only.

Create a sense of act now

Triceratops enjoys eating clover. Clover is only in season for another three hours. Better tell Triceratops to chow down today, not tomorrow, not next week. Remind her of the long clover-less winter ahead. Educate her about the nutritional value of end-of-season clover flowers. Also, make sure you let your D’saur know if your offering is finite – ‘limited-time only.’

Reassure your dinosaur

Everyone knows about that time Parasaurolophus was lured into the clearing by that cave-to-cave salesperson and then after he’d bought nine steak knives, was killed by that Spinosaurus because he’d been out in the open too long. Talk your D’saur through the process; assure them it won’t take long, cost them more or sign them up for things, then, do what you say.

Make your dinosaur feel special

Why should Triceratops use your brand of moisturiser when her current product is keeping her skin so rough and dry? Package your offering with an incentive: a discount, gift or guarantee. If your moisturiser comes with a free horn-oiling kit when she orders today – it’s in the bag.

Repetition works. Repetition works

What’s better than saying something once? Saying it twice. Repeat your message but don’t repeat yourself – keep it fresh – rephrase and mix it up. ‘Visit Megasauras Mall today to receive your free Jurassic mug,’ ‘Ask about your free Jurassic mug at Megasauras Mall today.’ If your communication has multiple pages, make sure there’s a CTA on each.


Online, you’re senses-poor, so relying on visuals means it’s gotta look good and be visually effective. Don’t confound your D’saur with busy design. Use white space, contrasting colour, reversed text and graphic ushers like arrows. Create information hierarchy by making your CTA larger than surrounding elements. Ensure the eye is ultimately drawn to your actionable element.

Convert your Dinosaur

You can lead your D’saur to the Cenozoic Era, but you can’t make it evolve. It’s crucial that all the steps to sale are tended to, so after they action your call, ensure that the entire purchasing process is straightforward. Support your D’saur through your online conversion course – man the phones, email them if they drop off, and don’t let them slip through the binary.

Think outside the Jurassic Period

Be creative, think it through and take an authentic interest in your D’saurs. If you were asking a T-Rex on a date, you wouldn’t call her to action by inviting her to a vegetarian restaurant, so take the time to be relevant and interesting. Enjoy crafting your CTAs and FYI – we’re pretty sure D’saur’s don’t eat clover.